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Böker Rangebuster Maroon

  • $229.00
The Rangebuster is a traditional pocket knife that was developed in the USA for use in agriculture as early as the 18th century. The light and comparatively simple knife is reminiscent of the Solingen Hippekniep, but here it is equipped with a reliable backlock. The satin-finished Droppoint blade of ice-hardened N690 with 60 to 61 HRC is flat-ground and is opened with the help of the traditionally serrated nail nick. The handle material is reddish-brown Micarta linen and the decorative rivets are made of brass. Thanks to the contoured handles and the slim, lightweight construction, the Boker Rangebuster is extremely comfortable in the hand and thus creates the transformation from a working knife to a gentleman's knife. Handmade in the Boker knife manufactory Solingen.