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Böker Tech Tool Zebrawood 2

  • $74.95
The history of the Boker Manufactory began in 1869 with the Boker sports knife, an ancestor of all modern multifunctional pocketknives. After almost 150 years of successful model history, it was time to take this traditional concept into the present. The modernized version is based on solid steel plates, which makes the knife extremely sturdy. Handle scales of premium zebrawood turn the rather technical Boker Plus Tech Tool into an elegant gentleman's knife. The light-colored wood has a clear, elongated pattern and is perfect to be tucked into a suit pocket. It is equipped with a large blade (12C27) and the following tools (4Cr13): glass breaker, large screwdriver with bottle opener and wire bender/stripper, small serrated blade with screwdriver tip, foldout lanyard hole, corkscrew.