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Cotton/Linen Hometeam Plaid Workshirt

  • $198.00

This is the real-deal plaid workshirt of the American West, worn as a staple on the backs of men since the 1920s. And Wythe isn’t messing with tradition here, only making adjustments to bring these silhouettes into the modern day with innovations that will keep the integrity of the shirt for years. The Hometeam Workshirt features flapped chest pockets, feather pleats for a bit of extra movement, and a relaxed fit. And because Wythe will always go the extra mile, the classic plaid pattern is designed with custom-colored yarns in both cotton and linen (great for warm temps) and a chainstitch for a welcomed dose of vintage flair.

  • Feather pleat for extra movement
  • The triple-needle side seams give the garment a sturdy and professional look
  • A vintage chainstitch runoff
  • Custom-colored yarn for a unique plaid pattern
  • Extra storage space with the flapped chest pockets
  • A comfortable, relaxed fit for easy layering
  • Made with cotton and linen making it perfect for warmer months
  • The snap button closure gives it an old-school look