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Cotton Melange 1x1 Rib Beanie

  • $70.00
  • Recycled cotton & organic cotton tie-dye yarn melange beanie.
  • 50% Recycled Cotton from Japan, 42% Blended Organic Cotton, 8% polyester elastane for retention and product longevity.
  • Mid weight yarn, not too thick, not too thin.
  • Manufactured in Japan.
  • Non-virgin recycled cotton conserves 130+ gallons of water per hat produced.
  • FSC certified recycled hang-tag and recycled / recyclable poly bag.
  • One Size.
  • Give them a stretch! If the hat feels too tight at first, it's because we use a special high-quality elastic yarn to improve the hat's retention value. At Druthers, we always disliked buying beanies only to have them blown out and misshapen after only 1 season. To solve that, we have sourced a high quality elastic yarn that will improve the products life cycle as well allow the hat to keep its shape for longer. Not more elastane per hat, just better yarns. Druthers highly believes that a key element to sustainability is a long lasting product!