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West Indian Lime Soy Candle

  • $55.00

Our West Indian Lime Pure Soy Candle offers a fresh, tart scent with over 100 hours of clean burn, thanks to a lead-free cotton wick. Hand-poured and wrapped with palm fronds sourced in the Caribbean, our soy candle boasts the perfect balance of luxury fragrance and exquisite form to enhance your space. The branded extinguishing lid. creates a polished look. Breathe in the tropics with the citrus notes of lime, lemon and bergamot that introduce a delicate floral note of lily-of-the-valley before delving into a woody, musky intensity. 

  • Sustainably hand-woven in the Caribbean with palm fronds
  • Environmentally friendly lime candle is made from pure soy /with a lead -free cotton wick
  • Poured by hand
  • 14 ounces
St Johns